We are recruiting for volunteers!

What Can We Do? is being updated constantly,

our volunteers keep everything going and add new resources, blogs and campaigns for our community.

We exist because of volunteers and this is your chance to get involved in a passionate, dynamic and driven team who want to make the world a better place.

"No matter who you are, where you are, how much time or money you have, there is always something you can do to make a difference."  WCWD team

Join us with one of the roles available:

Social Media Officer

Help us reach and engage more of the activist community via our social media channels - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

5 hours/week


Write about the important issues we are all facing. Choose to write for our spotlights, 5 new things or awareness days.

5-10 hours/week (depending on availability)

Campaign Coordinator

Help us organise and coordinate campaigns to help the charities we are supporting, like our Clothes Drive with Choose Love.

4 hours/week

Outreach Officer

Reach out to organisations doing great work for our community and speak to them to amplify their cause for our Voices of Change blogs.

4 hours/week

Research and Database Analyst


Help us to vet our resources and organisations and add them to our site to share with our community.

5-10 hours/week

Business Development Officer


As a newly registered organisation, help us to continue our work by building our business model and applying for funding.

4 hours/week

HR Officer


Help us to grow and look after our team.

2 hours/week

Digital Marketing Officer


Help us to build our digital presence and outreach. Help define and implement our marketing and engagement strategy.

3 hours/week

Flexi-Content Team


Write blogs and create content for us on a flexible basis without joining the team full-time.

flexible hours/week

Come Work With Us

Thanks for submitting! Contact us if you have any questions, whatcanwedoworld@gmail.com