How does What Can We Do? choose what is featured on the site?

Every item and resource that goes on our site goes through a strict vetting process to ensure it aligns with our values, so you can be confident in your actions. 

We want to make sure everything is as informative, accurate, trustworthy and transparent as possible - and that includes sharing our vetting criteria!

Everything is checked against the below:

1. Does it promote kindness and inclusivity?

Everything on our site should include marginalised voices, respect others and promote being kind to everyone.

2. Does it align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?

Read more about the UN’s SDGs. We want to build a better and more sustainable future for all, and tackle global challenges with local action.

3. Accountability and transparency

Where possible, we check the partners and funding sources of everything that goes on our website, as well as how the groups spend their money. It is important to us that everything on our site is trustworthy and making a positive impact.

Whilst we do everything we can to do checks and research each item on our site, with a scoring process and strict guidelines, there is of course the risk of human error.


If you spot something that doesn’t match what we’re trying to achieve - please let us know so we can continue to improve!