World Hunger: Did you know?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Today we are bringing you a number of stats for World Hunger Day, an initiative started by The Hunger Project.

World Hunger Day takes place on 28th May each year and seeks to highlight the issue of hunger around the world, links with poverty and inequality, and how to sustainably tackle these issues.

Globally, extreme hunger is being compounded by the COVID-19 crisis, especially in nations already experiencing food insecurity from famine, migration and unemployment. 

However, hunger and food inequality are also issues much closer to home than some people realise. 

Hunger in the UK 

The Food Foundation reported that in the first three weeks of lockdown in the UK, 1.5 million Brits had not eaten for a whole day. 3 million people lived in households where someone had been forced to skip some meals. 

Food bank volunteers are giving more than 4 million hours of time each year – equivalent to at least £30 million in paid work. 

Take a look at our infographic for some stats this World Hunger Day. Find out how hunger is impacting people in the UK and across the world, and how it has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you learn something new – share this article with a friend to help raise awareness. If you can – take action! 

World Hunger Day stats: did you know?

How can we help combat hunger?

We have come up with 3 ways you can help right from your sofa.

1. Donate

The Hunger Project’s sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty.

The Trussell Trust – click here to find your local food bank.

Fareshare – redistributes surplus food to charities.

The Food Foundation – an independent think-tank with various initiatives to support.

Check out our donations page for other options.

2. Download

Spareable – identifies what is needed at your local food bank so you can easily donate food, time or money.

Olio – matches people together to ensure food is not wasted.

Karma – buy surplus food from nearby restaurants for discounted prices to avoid food waste.

3. Discuss

Get involved with the conversation around #WorldHungerDay. Download their social media pack for more stats and resources. 

Sign petitions and join campaigns to fight for structural change – you can find many on our petitions page.

The Trussell Trust has a list of initiatives and campaigns that you can support here, including:

Asking your MP to back the Coronavirus Emergency Income Support Scheme

Joining the campaign to end the five week wait for Universal Credit

Spread the word about what you are doing to reduce food waste or tackle hunger in your community. You never know – it might inspire someone else to do the same! 

Did you like our World Hunger Day stats?

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