Coronavirus help and support. What can we do this week? (02/05/2020)

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We know that it can feel overwhelming when there’s so much information flying around, therefore we have collated our top five things for you to get involved in this week to help coronavirus support efforts. Whether you do one or all five, you can make a difference!

1. Hold a virtual tea party

Make Time for a Cuppa with Dementia UK, join thousands of other people across the UK in their annual event. Hold a virtual tea party from home, and invite all your friends and family to join you to raise money for Dementia UK’s Helpline so Admiral nurses can support more families. The best bit? You get to eat all the cake!

For more fundraising initiatives, see the What Can We Do Actions page.

2.  Feeling green-fingered? Support small businesses.

Order your plants and compost from Plant Savers who have been saving plants from British garden centres which have been impacted by COVID-19.

No garden, no problem, why not go on a virtual tour of Kew Gardens instead?

3.  Start thinking beyond coronavirus to a just recovery

At a time when we’re very much living in the present, it can be difficult for many of us to think about the future. However, there are ways to do so and help society.

Why not find out about how decisions we make now could have a long-term positive impact, by listening to Reasons to Be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd? After you’ve soaked up some of those ideas, sign this petition asking for smart responses to the current crisis, that encourage a better future for those most in need at this time.

Spare 3 minutes to sign more petitions on the What Can We Do Petitions page.

4. Listen to some excellent heavy metal music whilst also finding your inner zen

Selma Ra Yoga is the place to (virtually) go! Whether you’re a fully-fledged yogi, or brand new to the practice, this is the class for you. Check out their website and sign up to a class today.

#COVAKchallenge woman doing yoga on the beach

5. Decorate your windows with thank you posters

Spread joy and thank those who are key workers by putting up a poster in your window to show your appreciation. Check out the impressive selection from the British Red Cross, who have some to purchase and others to print (and colour if you’re feeling arty), and ones that say thank you to your delivery heroes.  

Have some more time to give? Check out our website and social media channels for more inspiration?  You can find us on InstagramFacebookTwitter and our website.

Come back again next week for more ideas on how you can get involved. If you know of any initiatives in your community that you think we should promote get in touch to tell us about them.

For all the other ways you can help and support during coronavirus, see our previous blog.

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