5 new ways to help this week (6 November 2020)

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But because we also know it can be overwhelming with so much information flying around, we’ve collated 5 new things for you to get involved in this week – whether you do one or all five, you can make a difference.

1. Take care of your mental wellbeing with tips in our latest guest blog

With the start of lockdown 2.0 and the US presidential election, this week's been far from relaxing. But, in the spirit of International Stress Awareness Week (2-6 November), make sure that this weekend is as calm as possible.

For tips and tricks on how to keep your stress to a minimal, check out our latest guest blog on five ways to support your mental wellbeing during lockdown from nutritionist and lifestyle coach Nina Fischer.

So whether it's listening to an album, watching a film or clocking off from technology and going for a refreshing autumnal walk, take the time out to check in with yourself. The NHS also has a number of stress-busting recommendations.

A headshot of Nina Fischer-Yargici wearing a white t shirt with her long brown hair down over her shoulders
Nutritionist and lifestyle coach Nina Fischer-Yargici

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2. Support Black-owned businesses this Saturday for #BlackPoundDay

This Saturday, and the first Saturday of every month, is #BlackPoundDay, so make sure whatever you spend on Saturday goes to black-owned businesses.

If everyone was to spend just £10 a week on Black businesses, we could inject £1.9bn into the Black community. Black Pound Day UK

Set up by So Solid Crew member Swiss in the wake of George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter Movement, the idea behind Black Pound Day is to support the growth of the UK black economy. As we go into a second lockdown this is as crucial as ever.

Black owned businesses contribute as much as £25 billion - £32 billion to the UK economy annually. However, black owned businesses are still twice as likely to be denied a loan than a white entrepreneur. Black Pound Day UK

To read more about the campaign check out Black Pound Day’s website and browse Black-owned businesses on Shop Black UK.

black pound day logo
Credit: Black Pound Day on Instagram @BPDOfficial

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3. Ensure NHS Staff get free parking

Addressed to Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock, sign the petition on Organise and demand that NHS Staff get free parking.

Before the pandemic, NHS staff paid £3.50 per hour for parking. Whilst this has been suspended throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the government is making moves to reinstate staff parking charges.

But, as the open letter states, this “wasn't right before Covid-19 and it's definitely not right now”.

Let’s demand the government treats key workers with fairness and respect.

Hammersmith Hospital car park charges
Credit: https://platform.organise.org.uk/campaigns/nhs-staff-free-parking

4. Go back to lockdown basics and be that helping hand

The kindness and community spirit the UK saw during the first lockdown is more important than ever, especially as the long term toll of coronavirus begins to show,

Make sure those who are isolated, vulnerable, or who have lost their jobs or are facing unemployment are supported.

Simple acts like offering to do your neighbour's shopping, becoming a telephone befriender or making weekly donations to your local food bank can make all the difference.

Check out apps like BeOnHand to find out about requests for support near you.

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5. Sustainable Swap: Spend some time at the virtual Youth Climate Summit

Swap your usual education schedule with that of the Youth Climate Summit.

Running all throughout next week, the Youth Climate Summit (YCS) is hosting countless online events run by organisations such as Imperial College London, Greenpeace, Marine Conservation Society and Canal & Rivers Trust.

Targeted at primary and secondary school pupils, each day will explore a different sustainability and climate issue, starting on Monday with Nature, Oceans and Water and finishing on Friday with a closing summit that will collate all the commitments and pledges made by young people throughout the week.

Time is already running out to tackle the climate and ecological emergency. Unlike world leaders, young people are refusing to let it drop off their agenda. Youth Climate Summit

Whilst it is open to all, it is targeted towards the younger human so get sharing with friends and families! If they’re not already participating within their schools, many events are recorded so can be watched after school!

Credit: Youth Climate Summit

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Two cups of Positivi-tea today!

Although it seems impossible that positivi-tea can come from the chaos that is the US election, some manages to shine through.

Preliminary turnout figures for the US election were the highest since 1900 with just under 70% of those who could vote doing so! People are using their voice (let’s just hope they all get counted)! #ThisIsActivism.

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And a bit closer to home, 11 year old Imogen Papworth-Heidel has this week, reached her goal of completing 7.1m keepy uppies (one for each key worker in the UK) with help from thousands across the country, including Lioness Lucy Bronze.

Imogen completed the last 3000 at Cambridge United's Abbey Stadium and has raised more than £11,418 for nine charities.

Imogen Papworth-Heidel doing keepy uppies
Credit: KARL HEIDEL https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-54810642

Come back again next week for more ideas about how you can get involved and make a difference. In the meantime, if you know of any initiatives in your community that you think we should promote get in touch.

Have some more time to give? Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and at our website for more inspiration.

Do you want to be our next guest blogger for our Voices of Change blog series or want to write for our Spotlight series? Then please get in touch.

Contributor for this blog: Laura Toms

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