5 new ways to help this week (22 November 2020)

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Each week the WCWD team adds new content to the site – we keep it relevant to make sure you’re informed on the latest!

But because we also know it can be overwhelming with so much information flying around, we’ve collated 5 new things for you to get involved in this week – whether you do one or all five, you can make a difference.

1. Spread awareness on social media about transphobic violence

As we come to the end of this year’s Transgender Awareness Week make sure to engage and share the stories and experiences of those within the transgender community who have suffered from prejudice, discrimination and transphobic violence.

Check out the stories shared on the hashtags #TransgenderWeek and #TransAwareness and help amplify the voices of transgender people on social media.

Also share this insightful and moving video by Shape History which documents the experiences of young transgender people in the UK.

In Britain:

2 in 5 trans people have been attacked or threatened with violence in the last 5 years


1 in 4 trans people have experienced discrimination at work.

To learn how you can help bring an end to this violence and become a better ally, read Stonewall’s The Truth About Trans Q&A and get involved by sharing your support for their campaign for trans equality.

Image of a  young woman putting up a poster which says respect existence or expect resistance
Photo by Denin Lawley on Unsplash

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2. Check out the Yikes Podcast and grow through difficult topics

Hosted by Mikaela Loach and Jo Becker, this podcast discusses issues that make us go “yikes”, from human rights to climate change and more.

However instead of backing away and feeling overwhelmed, it encourages listeners to find hope in the situation and equips us with ways to create meaningful change. We like the sound of that!

The podcast features many young activist guests and so gives a happy reminder that you are not alone in your activist quests!

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3. Write to your MP to stop companies depositing sewage in England’s waterways with #EndSewagePollution

Last year water companies discharged sewage into bathing waters 3000 times and into rivers 200,000 times without issuing any public health warnings.

This type of sewage disposal pollutes the environment and puts the health of the public at risk.

Under EU regulation, and now British law, bathing waters must be monitored and the public informed about the quality of bathing water.

Join the Surfers Against Sewage #EndSewagePollution campaign by using their took to write to your local MP to ensure their support for the Sewage (Inland Waters) Bill that will be debated on the 15th January.

This bill will stop water companies lawfully depositing sewage in lakes, rivers and waterways in England.

Read more about the bill and find out more about the state of sewage removal in Surfers Against Sewage's full report.

Lewis Pugh, UN Patron for Oceans, became ill a number of times when he swam the length of the Thames in 2006
Credit: https://www.sas.org.uk/EndSewagePollution-SewageBill. Lewis Pugh, UN Patron for Oceans, became ill a number of times when he swam the length of the Thames in 2006

And while you’re at it, why not read our spotlight on why you should write to your MP and how to do it easily.

4. Wear a white ribbon this Wednesday to raise awareness of domestic abuse

Next Wednesday, 25th November, is White Ribbon day.

Organised by the charity White Ribbon UK, the day aims to raise discussions about how we end male violence against women.

Our mission is for all men to fulfil the White Ribbon Promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women. We act as a catalyst, encouraging people, and especially men and boys, to individually and collectively take action and change behaviour.” - White Ribbon UK
black and white image of a young woman with love shouldnt hurt written on her back in black paint

Did you know?

1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime 5 in 6 victims (83%) of sexual assault did not report their experiences to the police. Approximately 2 million adults experienced domestic abuse in 2018, with 695,000 of these being male.

The issue of domestic abuse has worsened as a result of the lockdowns.

You can do your bit to help and support the work of White Ribbon UK by buying one of their ribbons and wearing it in solidarity on Wednesday.

You can also share this declaration on social media and make sure to engage with the conversations on the hashtags #WhiteRibbonDay #MakeThePromise #NoExcuseForAbuse.

If you want to learn more about domestic abuse and how we stop it, sign up to join one of White Ribbon UK's two webinars with leading academics on the 26th November and the 8th December.

Image of a white ribbon with the declaration to promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women
White Ribbon UK declaration

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5. Sustainable Swap: Pick a zero-waste advent calendar

This Christmas, instead of getting your usual advent calendar, buy one that helps make the world a better place.

Wondering how this is possible? Well look no further than Advent of Change, a non-profit whose mission is “to create a fair, equal and sustainable world”.

For each Advent of Change zero-waste advent calendar you buy, 85% of the money goes to charities across the world to help clean beaches, protect animals and much much more.

Children's advent of change calendar
Credit: https://adventofchange.com/collections/shop

And the greatest thing? Each window will reveal how you’ve helped the world with the donation you’ve made! Now that’s a good way to wake up!

Last year, Advent of Change raised an amazing £210,000 for 72 charities. Let’s make this Christmas even bigger by sharing the word and making sure all our friends and family are swapping to a kinder advent calendar.

To view the full range check out the Advent of Change online shop and read about all the amazing charities you’ll be helping. They're eco-friendly, plastic-free, recyclable and sustainable!

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Now for a cup of positivi-tea or two!

Boris Johnson’s “green industrial revolution” includes a ban on all new diesel and petrol vehicles from 2030 (five years earlier than previous targets).

They're aiming to generate enough offshore wind to supply energy to each home in the UK and the promise of a hydrogen-powered town!

Johnson said this could help create 250,000 high-skilled green jobs and create more than £36bn in private sector investment over the next 10 years. Whilst there are still concerns that the £12bn funding for the programme is not enough it does show a move in the right direction.

And before we go, we can't use that gif of Dolly Parton without mentioning her role in developing Moderna's promising COVID-19 vaccine, after she donated $1 million to research the virus!

Come back again next week for more ideas about how you can get involved and make a difference. In the meantime, if you know of any initiatives in your community that you think we should promote get in touch.

Have some more time to give? Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and at our website for more inspiration.

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Contributor for this blog: Laura Toms

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