20/4/2020 – What Can We Do? Online hub brings together all the ways people can support the UK

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

What Can We Do? Online hub brings together all the ways people can support the UK Covid-19 relief efforts from their sofa

LONDON, 20 April 2020What Can We Do? an online hub which brings together all the ways people can support the UK’s Covid-19 relief efforts has been set up, aiming to be the ‘go-to’ resource for people looking for ways to do their bit right from their sofa.

Across a new website, and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, the team recognised there was a hunger from their peers looking for ways to help whilst adhering to the government’s social distancing guidelines. With an ever-growing number of opportunities appearing online, and no single place to view them all, What Can We Do? was born.

The hub was founded by Florence Waller-Carr and Ümran Avni, two young women working in the social sector, who lead the five-strong all-female team of volunteers to crowdsource ideas and update the social media channels and website, www.whatcanwedo.world, incorporating:

  1. Petitions – the easiest and least time-consuming way to contribute to public debate and action towards change at the government level. The page links directly to petitions around support for healthcare workers, economic and social support, and global support. 

  2. Donations – a one-stop-shop to browse emergency fund requests from all corners of the third sector.

  3. Actions – ways to become a community volunteer, including apps to download for local opportunities, how to give blood, information about food banks, local campaigns, and more.

  4. Blogs – the website is constantly being updated, the team highlight latest additions in the shared blogs.

Florence Waller-Carr, Co-Founder What Can We Do, said: “Despite being in uncharted waters with an unknown future, we have seen some amazing acts of kindness and community spirit during this crisis. We want to replace fear with hope through action, and make it as easy as possible for people to see all the different ways there are to make a real difference in these difficult times. We will continue to do this for as long as is necessary.

“This is a community site and we want to make sure it’s updated with things people want to see. So we ask people to talk to us, give us feedback and send us things on our website or via our social media channels that should be shared across the UK!”


About What Can We Do?

What Can We Do? is the go-to hub for people wanting to discover ways to support the UK’s COVID-19 relief efforts from their sofas, including through petitions, donations and actions.

Please visit us and contribute ideas:

At our website: http://whatcanwedo.world/, on Instagram: @WhatCanWeDoWorld, on Facebook: @WhatCanWeDoWorld, and on Twitter: @WhatCanWeDo7

About the What Can We Do team

Co-Founder Florence Waller-Carr, 25, has always been passionate about supporting others and community organising, with a career in the charity sector and involvement in volunteering and fundraising for a number of years. She currently lives in Brighton and works for an INGO. She is also a Co-Founder of the youth advocacy organisation Our Generation for Inclusive Peace which lobbies for sustainable and inclusive peace globally. She was inspired to set up What Can We Do? by seeing all of the amazing acts of kindness during the COVID-19 crisis.

Co-Founder Ümran Avni, 28, recently returned to London after working in Istanbul. She has worked in the social and private sectors and has an academic background in international development, gender, education and economics. With concern for the wider social implications of COVID-19, she is motivated to bring together those willing and able to help with opportunities for civic participation, activism and community-building.

Other members of the team include Emily Hodson, currently based in East London; Ellie Marcus, based in South London; and Anaïs Richmond, based in central London. 

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