We know that not everyone can do everything – checking in on family, friends, elderly relatives is as vital a resource as the options given below. Supporting someone vulnerable around you can make a huge difference.

Take action now

  • #BBKind #PoundsForPuds

    Show your support to the hospitality industry by baking for #BBKind. Bake, share, and nominate your friends. If you can, donate to Hospitality Action helping support hospitality workers most in need.

  • #BlackPoundDay

    Support UK black-owned businesses locally and online.

  • #COVAKChallenge

    #COVAKchallenge was started by the What Can We Do? team, encouraging people to enact acts of kindness for others or themselves during this difficult time.

  • #Cook4Carers

    Offer a home cooked meal to a neighbouring carer with no-contact pickups.

  • #DeclutterAndDonate

    You can now de-clutter your home and donate your unwanted items. So clear out your bookshelves and cupboards, and easily turn your unwanted items into precious pounds for a good cause.

  • #JustRecovery campaign

    Support a healthier and more equitable future in a time when national governments and the international community are taking steps for immediate relief and long-term recovery from the pandemic.

  • #KindnessMatters

    The theme for Mental Health Awareness Month 2020 is kindness. Get involved by sharing your acts of kindness on social using #KindnessMatters and #MentalHealthAwarenessweek or host a fundraiser.

  • #KindnessWillKeepUsTogether

    Join the British Red Cross campaign and show solidarity. Browse their online gift shop and buy something to support them. More info can be found on their website or Instagram @britishredcross.

  • #SOSMoria

    Send a letter to the government to take immediate action to ensure the safety of refugees. Ensure leaders of the EU take refugees into their countries, in order to prevent a medical disaster.

  • #TwoPointSixChallenge

    Do the 2.6 Challenge to help save the UK's charities. The 2.6 Challenge can be any activity you like check the website for inspiration.

  • #viralkindness

    Print out these postcards with the message -Hello! If you are self-isolating, I can help- and post through the door of your neighbour.

  • 38 Degrees

    Sign a petition to stop the Cumbria Coal Mine and avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis


    You can volunteer and donate to help produce face shields by 3D printing, for frontline staff.

  • ASDA volunteer shopping card

    A cashless, contactless, safe and secure way to allow others to shop for those who are self-isolating, older or medically vulnerable.

  • Abortion access during COVID-19

    A quarter of bpas (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) clinics have already closed due to staff sickness and isolation. Protect women at risk by writing to your MPs.

  • Adopt a grandparent

    You can help to bring a sense of comfort by becoming a virtual volunteer and having calls with residents.

  • Against Breast Cancer

    Get involved and recycle your bras to support small business in Africa.

  • All Aboard

    Donate goods from home or volunteer at All Aboard Charity Shops to help support local causes

  • Anorexia and Bulimia Care

    Help Anorexia and Bulimia Care support those with eating disorders

  • Beach Guardian

    Get involved with Beach Guardians by helping clean up your local beach, or donate to fund workshops!

  • Beat

    Get involved with Beat to help end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders

  • Body And Soul Club

    Volunteer for the Mix as part of their Body and Soul Club to help begin and change the conversation about body image, mental health and masculinity.

  • Bookmark Reading

    Volunteer your time to help a child learn to read

  • Boots Safe Spaces

    @BootsUK and @UKSAYSNOMORE have introduced Safe Spaces in consultation rooms, where people can go to find support and call a helpline

  • Breaking Barriers

    Breaking Barriers helps refugees in London acquire the knowledge, confidence and experience to get stable, fulfilling employment.

  • Bring #FamiliesTogether

    Join the many campaigns to keep refugee families together. Read more here to find out what you can do.

  • British Red Cross

    Become a BRC community reserve volunteer and help your community get back on track in the event of a major local emergency.

  • British Red Cross' Actions on Loneliness

    Support the British Red Cross in their campaign to end loneliness.

  • COVID symptom tracker

    Help to slow the spread of COVID-19 and identify those at risk sooner by self-reporting symptoms daily.

  • COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK

    Join local community groups as a volunteer which are organising mutual aid throughout the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK.

  • Call your MP and support #TRUSSTME

    #TRUSSTME - Don't roll back on trans dignity. Every email sent to your MP is great, but also call them for more impact.

  • Call your friends and loved ones

    Especially call those who are alone right now will need more social support.

  • Chatterbox

    Learn a new language whilst supporting refugees in relaunching their professional lives

  • Chit-chat

    Be connected with others and have a chit-chat 0333 002 0333. Enthusiastic volunteers oversee the phone line and are committed to having a friendly discussion with anyone who reaches out. Read more in their Voices of Change blog.

  • Choose Love

    Alongside wearing your Choose Love tee, your gift will be sent to one of the Choose Love projects. Browse the store to support displaced people around the world.

  • Choose Love

    The Choose Love store is the first shop in the world where you can buy real items for refugees - funding millions of life-saving and essential items, from sea rescue to warm clothes and education packs.

  • Cities Must Act

    Campaign as part of #CitiesMustAct in asking the citizens, councils and mayors of European towns and cities to pledge their support for the immediate relocation of asylum seekers on the Greek islands

  • Co-op community shopping scheme

    Helping people self-isolating. It enables a safe way to pay for and get essential shopping delivered by local volunteers. Call 0800 029 4592 to purchase or top up your card.

  • Collective Aid

    Get involved with Collective Aid to help bring dignity and care to refugees across Europe

  • CoppaFeel!

    Donate, volunteer or fundraise for the first breast cancer charity in the UK to solely create awareness amongst young people.

  • Covid-innovations

    Use to look through 100s of meaningful COVID-19 related innovations, worldwide. Learn about all the inspiring innovations across industries and how you can get involved.

  • Crisis

    Help homeless services stay open and provide vital care and protection.

  • Depaul UK

    Focused on supporting young people in crisis, donate to ensure services are kept running.

  • Depop

    Recycle and make some money on the side. Use Depop to buy and sell fashion on their online marketplace.

  • Do the Green Thing

    Get educated on how you can do the Green Thing by looking at life a little differently.


    Refer to a database of UK volunteering opportunities. You can join as a coronavirus responder or choose other opportunities.

  • Dove Self Esteem

    Learn about Dove's work in providing educational campaigns building self esteem in young people and check out their educational resources.

  • EarlyBeep app

    Install for volunteers to organise, request and provide help locally, based on location.

  • Easy Fundraising

    Fund raise whilst you shop for your favourite channels using this site.

  • Employee rights

    Help service providers, eg. your office cleaners, raise the issue of their rights and pay with senior management and ask what your organisation does to support them.

  • FEAST!

    Volunteer and Donate to London based food poverty charity, providing healthy and nutritious meals for the people who need it the most. Read their Voices of Change blog.

  • Fair Wear

    Check out which fashion brands have sustainable ethos and are working for a better future.

  • FareShare

    Help them deliver food to the frontline organisations providing a lifeline to those most at risk.

  • Friends of the Earth

    Check out Friends of the Earth's Campaigning resources to learn how you can campaign on key environmental issues

  • Full sick and self-isolation pay for all workers! Open letter to the Prime Minister

    Many key workers are agency staff or on zero or low-hour contracts, with no ordinary rights to paid leave. Sign an open letter to the Prime Minister for full sick and self-isolation pay for all workers.

  • Future Planet


    Support GALOP, the LGBT+ anti-violence charity, while it continues to provide its services remotely.

  • Give blood

    You can still give blood and platelets during Coronavirus!

  • Gold For Kidscan!

    Kidscan are a charity dedicated to funding children's cancer research to find safer treatments for children with cancer.

  • GoodSAM app

    Install and join as an NHS Volunteer Responder. Roles include delivery of shopping and medical supplies and calls with elderly.

  • Government advice

    Refer to government information on how to get involved and volunteer in a way that suits you.

  • Happy Space

  • Help businesses

    Buy gift cards from your favourite local businesses, cafes and restaurants to help them stay a float. OR give to anyone providing vital services in your community.

  • Heroes of Covid-19 Memory Game

    Play this memory game to learn about everyone coming together to help fight the Coronavirus.

  • Hubbub

    Check out Hubbub's tips for change to work out how you could be more sustainable.

  • ILGA-The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association

    A worldwide federation which has been campaigning for LGBT+ rights in 152 countries since 1978.

  • Just Like Us

    Empower young people to be role models championing LGBT+ equality at school and work.

  • Kaleidoscope Trust

    Supports the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people all around the world.

  • Latin American Women's Rights Service

    Get involved with Latin American Women's Rights Service to empower Latin American women in the UK to pursue personal and social change

  • Link UP London

    Use your skills to volunteer virtually. Link UP London mobilises professional skills to create vibrant, engaged and linked local communities.

  • Lost Stock

    Support workers and their families, from countries like Bangladesh who are at risk of starvation, by ordering a box of clothing from top brands. Clothes otherwise destined for landfill can now be bought with Lost Stock.

  • Mermaids

    Supports gender-diverse kids, young people and their families.

  • Migrants Organise

    Award winning, grass roots platform where migrants, refugees connect, build common ground, organise for dignity and justice for all.

  • Missing Maps

    There are many regions in the world without adequate geographical data. You can contribute to emergency response during this pandemic and create maps from satellite imagery.

  • NHS Change for Life

    Learn new recipes and explore nutritious healthy eating tips from the NHS.

  • NHS Professionals

    Rapid Response for registered and unregistered healthcare workers, as well as a range of key roles in non-clinical areas to help to deliver essential patient care.

  • NHS Volunteer Responders

    Registration for NHS Volunteer Responders is temporarily paused.

  • NHS workers solidarity campaign

    You can also join the NHS workers solidarity campaign in 4 key ways: Stay safe, Sign the letter, Put up a poster and Join a union.

  • NSPCC Run 30

    Support the NSPCC Run 30 challenge - Run or walk 30k anywhere in the UK! Sign up for �30 and spread the word to friends and family.

  • app

    Install app which connects communities to help support each other, matching local heroes with those in need.

  • Nextdoor app

    Install to connect neighbours and engage individuals, businesses and organisations in their local communities.

  • Nightingale Hospital

    Work with Nightingale hospitals across England to support essential staffing and patient care at this critical time.

  • Olio

    Stop food waste. Use Olio to connect neighbours with each other and Food Waste Hero volunteers with local businesses, to share food (and other things) rather than chuck them away.

  • One Young World

    Find out more about a summit bringing together the world's brightest minds to accelerate social impact

  • Petitions

    There are currently many important petitions which need your help. See the Petitions page for the full list.

  • Petitions

    There are currently many important petitions which need your help. See the Petitions page for the full list.

  • Prevent Breast Cancer

    Get involved through donating, campaigns and Paint Your Town Pink fundraising event.

  • Reach Volunteering

    Reach Volunteering connects skilled volunteers and charities to benefit the charity sector.

  • Refuge

    Refuge supports women,children & men experiencing domestic violence with a range of services.

  • Refugee Action

    Choose a challenge to help make the UK a more welcoming place. Join to stand up for refugees and people seeking asylum.

  • Refugee Support Network

    Get involved with the Refugee Support Network to help offer young refugees more hopeful futures.

  • Royal Voluntary Service

    Choose what works for you out of volunteering in the community, in hospitals, starting a new volunteering opportunity or joining an existing one.