We exist to inspire and empower people to make the UK a better place for all.


We are a website and social media friend, making it easier for you to find and learn about charities, campaigns and locally-led initiatives.

We believe that you can make a difference, no matter who you are, where you are or how much time or money you have.


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Our Mission

Our Vision

Make civic engagement in the UK more accessible as the go-to platform providing community-led resources and initiatives for people in the UK to support and help others.

For all UK and global citizens to be actively engaged in achieving a better and fairer world recovery from climate, health and social crises.



Kind and respectful


Inclusive and intersectional




Motivated and engaged activism

A Message from our founders

We are Florence and Ümran and we both work in the social sector. Through collective action, we want to replace fear and helplessness with hope. 


Among our friends and communities we are seeing a huge desire to help and support each other. This is why we created What Can We Do? as a community hub.


We welcome all suggestions and really hope that you find this space helpful! Please share widely to ensure everyone has access to this information.

Meet The Team

Anais photo

Anaïs Richmond

Content Management
and Guest Blogs

Anaïs recently completed a Masters in education, gender and international development. She has a keen interest in advocating for gender and refugee issues and previously worked for a UK charity helping children into education in some of the toughest places.

Jenna photo.jpeg

Jenna Gayle

Digital Marketing

Jenna has a range of experience in marketing and working with young children. She is particularly passionate about the climate crisis and inclusive opportunities for all - globally and in the UK.


Ruth Slaney

Web development

Ruth is currently a Computer Science student at Warwick University and webmaster for Warwick RAG. She loves volunteering and helping others, particularly within Girlguiding and Scouting.


Lauren Brown

Content and Research

Lauren has just finished her degree in History and Politics and will be starting a Masters in Migration Studies in October. She is passionate about ensuring that everyone feels they can contribute to the issues they care about, and has worked with various health charities in the past.


Sarah Robson

Business Development

Sarah has a strong interest in the issues that many young people are facing and currently works for a children’s charity. She has had a career in the charity sector for over two years, firstly working with student and University group partnerships and is now overseeing a range of volunteer projects.


Niamh McGurk

Social Media Officer

Niamh has just finished her Masters in Development Studies and has a keen interest in development and migration issues. She has a history of student fundraising - previously heading up the University of St Andrews Charities Campaign.

Umran Avni_What Can We Do copy.jpg

Ümran Avni

Co-founder and Director

Ümran is extremely passionate about creating inclusive social impact and most recently worked in Istanbul with a global gender equality and women's empowerment organisation. She has 5+ years of experience in the social and private sectors and has an academic background in international development, gender, education and economics.

Emily photo

Emily Hodson

Director and Marketing & Communications

Emily has a background in international PR and marketing communications, and is a strong believer in the power of social media to enact change. Her desire to make a difference means she has always been involved in charity or community work in some capacity, including in Chongqing, China where she was Chair of the International Women's Group supporting children living in difficult situations.

Florence photo.jpg

Florence Waller-Carr


Florence has always been passionate about supporting others and community organising, with a career in the charity sector and involvement in volunteering and fundraising for a number of years. She currently lives in Brighton and works for an INGO. She is also a Co-Founder of the youth advocacy organisation Our Generation for Inclusive Peace which lobbies for sustainable and inclusive peace globally.


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